All students who want to start in martial arts will start in the Beginners class. In this class we focus on the basic techniques required in all forms and belt levels. This is a 9 month program where students will learn technique, speed and power, needed for the next level of training. Every three months students will test for the next belt, beginning at white, then orange, and ending at yellow belt.


After the beginners program, students will take it to the next level by adding in sparring. This program is also 9 months long as we explore the techniques we learned previously and begin to combine them with new moves. In this program students are invited to sparring classes on Monday and Friday. At these sparring classes we focus on speed, footwork, and fighting. All students are required to have protective gear as we take what we have learned and apply them to tournament style fighting as well as self-defense practice. Every three months students will test for the next belt, beginning at green belt, then purple belt, and ending at blue belt.


The last program before testing for the Black Belt is the advanced program. This program is similar to the advanced program with the exception that students further their mental abilities through breaking boards. Students will use the techniques they have learned for the past 18 months to break wood boards. We will continue working on techniques, defense and further explore the reasonings behind the moves we learn. Every three months students will test for the next belt, beginning at brown belt, then red belt, and ending at high red belt.


This is a program for 5-7 year olds. In this class we focus on gross motor skills such as balance and aiming. Students will learn to punch, kick, and incorporate those moves into combinations. They will also be learning the importance of our Five Tenants and how to show them at home, school and at the dojang. This class is limited and currently has no openings.


Newly added to our dojang, the Kickboxing program is for adults only, with some exceptions to older youth. In this class we practice fundamental techniques of defending oneself. These techniques will use the elbows, fists, knees, shins and feet. Along with learning about self defense we get a great cardio work out and develop muscles to put behind our punches and kicks.


  • Month-to-Month: $80 billed each month
  • 6 Months: $456, $80 billed each month (5% Discount)
  • Yearly: $864, $80 billed each month (10% Discount)
  • The first number is the overall cost. By paying in advance you are locking in that price for the duration of your payment timeline. 
  • Additional family members receive a (50%) discount for all programs.

Sports discount does apply, please discuss this with Mr. Weible when you have a sports season coming up.