Joshua Weible

My name is Mr. Weible and I am a third degree Black Belt and the chief instructor and owner of Rising Phoenix Martial Arts. I began this journey in Martial Arts 6 years ago in Newberg, Oregon at Soaring Phoenix Family Martial Arts. I was drawn into it with a family I was staying with during college. I found a great supportive family in that dojang, and worked hard to get my Black Belt there. Shortly after graduating, I came to Harney County to become a 4th grade teacher at Slater Elementary. In November of that first year, 2019, I started the first class of 9 students. Since then I have been finding ways to improve this dojang, and myself, through trainers, martial art instructors and business classes. I still teach full time as a fourth grade teacher and running classes after school. I love to teach and to learn from my students!

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Physical and Mailing Address: 769 Ponderosa Village, Burns, OR 97720

Diane Weible

I first started Taekwondo in 2019 when, during a visit with my son, Mr. Weible, I came with him every day to the dojang to watch him teach Taekwondo classes. While I enjoyed watching, I also found myself wanting to get out on the floor myself and give it a try. As they say, the rest is history. I appreciate the consistent exercise it provides as well as my developing confidence and pride as I learn to do things I never thought I could do. The real benefit, however, has been being a part of a community that is learning together. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people and it’s fun to be progressing together through the forms and drills. Now that I have physically moved to Burns, I am excited to have the chance to be an instructor and teach others while I continue to learn.

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